Making our Planet Liveable Again? … or if you think it already is, how about making it better to reflect our advances in technology?

“There are a lot of “bosses” out there, to be sure. But what I struggle to see, in business, politics, and life, are true leaders who bring us together, inspire us to achieve great things, and bring out the best in us.”  -Nikola Tesla

I don’t understand how those idiots who shout out the catchphrase “Make America Great Again” by relying exclusively on a return to outmoded and cumbersome thinking and technology could even remotely hope to concretize their slogan.   It’s like re-installing in our offices the UNIVAC , these huge computer systems that occupy entire floors  which at first glance could look massive and impressive, but ultimately cannot deliver the workload expected of a present-day laptop which is a thousand times smaller than even a fraction of the former’s frame.

A big bully cannot tactically equal, let alone surpass, the strength and capabilities of an outwardly weak yet very intelligent kid who also happens to be equipped with deadly martial arts skills. This is where the American buffoons, the so-called  political leaders look like right now to the rest of the world.  It would not matter so much if their policies do not affect the rest of us but they just have to inveigle themselves into our affairs and, alas, much to our collective detriment, and hence this rant.

A word of caution to Russia’s Putin and his ilk, as well.  Reflect on the above and understand the nature of reality.  Do not rely on doing the same old things and then expect a different, more favorable outcome for yourself and your entourage.  One man’s liabilities can never become your assets.  You can’t build your strength on other people’s weaknesses.  If you try to do it, you will be in concrete violation of the law of relativity, only  ensuring your people’s painful and gradual descent into the hellish realms of anger, hatred, violence and ignorance.  Remember Hitler, Stalin, Mao-Tse Tung and all the rest of them.  All relegated to the dustbins of history.  They were well-intentioned in the beginning but with power, became corrupted by their reactionary outlook.  Instead of a pure revolution, their legacies only left us with backward-looking movements, eventually discarded by everyone for their contribution of evil of death and destruction.

Yes, the human race in the present world needs to rethink its socio-economic system .  As it stands, capitalism is no longer tenable whereby 1% of the entire population holds 90% of the world’s accumulated material  wealth while the rest are reduced to fend for themselves with the remaining 10%.  This is an insult to human intelligence, now rendered incapable of changing and evolving with the demands of the time, perpetrating the  enslavement of all to the machinery of production.  In this process, both are in the throes of mutual degeneration – the few who have managed to control 90% of the means of production of material wealth are in mental turmoil in their efforts to hold on to their accumulated wealth as well as the constant squandering of their riches for the frivolous and non-essentials of life at a cost to their psychic and physical well-being, not to speak of the spiritual deprivation, while the vast majority must spend all their energies for the procurement of the basic minimum requirements of life through any and every means, including immoral ones, leading to their mental and physical degeneration in the process.  What change for the better can we expect when the purveyor of peaceful and violent actions, the mind, is reduced to subservience and blind adherence to externally implanted norms?  Critical thinking is virtually suppressed.

We need to acknowledge Nature’s truth and role in our existence.  Everything is already given free for our survival – the sun that shines indiscriminately for all, the air that we breath, the water that we drink, the plants that provide energy and sustenance to everyone be they good or bad, and for our fellow travelers, the animals, some of whom are our companions.

We need to evolve an economic system that grants as well as guarantees access to the basic requirements of modern life – food, clothing, shelter, medicine and education.  This basic assumption has to be adapted to reflect the evolving economy.   Hence, the system must promote the rational, but not equal, distribution of wealth.  The extra emoluments resulting from economic production, after ensuring the above-mentioned fundamental necessities for life, will therefore be distributed rationally according to the individual’s meritorious contributions to the human society, with the end in view of encouraging and enhancing their input towards society’s further evolution.  In some sense, we already acknowledge those who have done so.  But this has to be applied at the grassroots level, to the humblest of society’s members.  When robots have taken over the menial tasks of production of the physical and material comforts, we must find a way to distribute the gains from such economic activities to the rest of society.  There will be a need to reduce the required working hours to reflect this development to ensure employment for everyone.  The freed-up time and energy of  the individual can now be channeled by him and the rest of society towards more refined and subtle pursuits such as sports, the arts and sciences, studies and learning of new technological breakthrough and any such mental and spiritual endeavors that promote research and development in every arena.  Bear in mind that spiritual pursuit can never be equated to religious indoctrination.  Rather it involves the spiritual quest and encourages one to develop critical thinking skills for the benefit of society.

Again, it needs to be highlighted here  the importance of society’s adaptation to the imperatives of the time, the alternative of which is a state of mental and spiritual deprivation.  Do we aspire for peace and social cohesion?  Or are we still enamored by the concepts of dominance and descent into anarchy?  Bear in mind, we are all born with an instinct for freedom and dignity, and not for subservience and enslavement, least of all, to machines.

The leaders of society will have to be chosen based on their moral and universal outlook and competence.  He/she must possess the qualities of wisdom and compassion as well as the ability to dispense justice with impartiality and most importantly, by their example, to inspire others to strive for greater heights of excellence in all spheres of human endeavor.



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