The Law Of Reciprocity

In religion, we call it the Golden Rule.  In classical science, it’s the Law of Cause and Effect. In philosophy and quantum physics – the Law of Reciprocity.

A marketing manager may have even unconsciously referred to it by saying that it is found in each and every incident, object, or situation that you are confronted with in life.  This law is intrinsic in everything you come in contact with.

Anger and hatred are the operative principles of hell.  If you engage in them, you are already in its clutches.  You are not doing yourself or anybody a favor.  No amount of praying to this or that deity will spare you from its grasp.

Wishing ill or deliberately harming somebody in thought, word or deed will guarantee you a place in hell.  No God/gods can even dispute that.  Harming someone for not subscribing to your whims and caprices and desires, no matter how godly you think you/they may be, will not spare you suffering.  It will follow you as sure as your shadow follows you everywhere.

Do you honestly believe that the Muslim who commits suicide bombing in Allah’s name is guaranteed the pleasures of the heavenly realm?  It does not only sound odd but is illogical and irrational.  You know this is not reflective of the truth, even by simple inference.

In the same way, ascribing evil to someone who does not engage in killing, lying, stealing, sexual misconduct and indulging in intoxicating substances that lead to heedlessness and unmindfulness and for simply not subscribing to your idea of good, will not only cause harm to that individual but also guarantee darkness of ignorance and delusion for oneself.

Think about it.  Why would they be evil if they do not do any of those things in thought, word or deed?  Does prayer and praying equal a blanket justification to harm others?  Thinking this to be so is not only conceited and absurd but also extremely deluded and harmful to oneself and others.

In Indra’s net,  the reality of each element within it is dependent upon the reflection from everything else in it.  Reality is  each other’s reflection.  If you project good or evil to somebody, it will reflect itself back to and in you as you have conceived that thought in you.

Otherwise, if you project good upon others, a corresponding resultant force will also return and be projected back in the course of time.  This is an immutable law of nature.  It is unfailing.   Even the beings of the heavenly realms understand this and they conform to it effortlessly with knowledge of its consequences if violated.

Mind is the forerunner of everything.  Be mindful and do not leave this mind untended.

This is the way of mindfulness.  Be aware of its movement and, like the mirror which allows everything to be reflected back without distorting its shape/form, remain still.

This recent advice from a great teacher: “Whatever path our activity takes, if our intention is to make ourselves useful to others, there is a good chance our conduct will be useful; whereas activities generally considered to be good, such as the practice of religion, risk causing more harm than good if they are not motivated by a desire to help our fellow beings.”


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