My thoughts on the RH (Reproductive Health) Bill In My Home Country

The debate on the RH bill has not been done with wisdom and compassion on the part of both parties, which are the Church and the State:

The Church, for not having the humility to undertake a reasoned inquiry and investigation into the validity of their arguments as opposed to scientific facts, and for not taking into consideration the opinions of other people of various cultural and religious persuasions and

The State, for failing to inform and educate the masses beyond the scope of their own emotional attachments.

We are still caught in the Christian paradigm of the Dark Ages, or at least in the institutions that claim to represent it, which has repeatedly discredited itself in the course of  human history by its own actions.  I do not have to enumerate these transgressions against the very tenets it (the church institution) is supposed to uphold and protect, which it cannot or pretends to justify, such as the torture and imprisonment of those who opposed the church’s doctrinal definitions during the Council of Constantinople and various other councils that ensued periodically after it; the gruesome murder of millions of Cathars, men, women and children who were subjected to systematic torture and interrogation in France and Italy in the Dark and Middle Ages of European history or the witch hunts and demonization of a segment of the population, all this, for not adhering to their doctrinal dictates and/or for not conforming to their jumble of verbiage; the Spanish Inquisition which was the institutionalized official torturer cum murderer of the Catholic Church despite the denial and protestations of innocence to the contrary by the latter; the  silent, systematic abuse of children, mostly orphans by priests and nuns of said institution and that have only surfaced in this era; and such other crimes that one could catalog ad infinitum if they could only be exposed to the light of day.  But what is astounding is that they still consider themselves the bastion of moral integrity and protector of human rights??!!!

And now this, the RH bill which is taken to new heights of irrationality.  They want to determine and impose their view through coercion, and not to reasoned and scientific inquiry of the righteousness of their cause.  The debate is lopsided because the argument of superiority of numbers and not reason is made the proof of the validity of their argument.  The triumphalism of the opposing block that ensues is so shameful to behold, especially as they have not offered a concrete alternative to the issue that determines the course of our destiny as a nation. This is nothing short  of mob rule.

However, for those who still have reason and truth as their prime direction, allow me to articulate some rational approach to this issue that should also be acceptable to the scientific world.  I hope that there still remains a sincere desire to search for the truth in the hearts of our people and  then, the will to uphold and promote it with calm and collected minds.

On the idea that a human being is being murdered when a person practices contraception is rather stretching belief  beyond irrationality.  How can there be a human being in the millions of sperm and the egg  that have not yet united?  In Eastern philosophy, a jiva or a unit entity is only constituted into a new being once a stream of consciousness (soc) or in your case as Christians, a soul, has descended into the womb of the mother and, not before.

The embryo is not yet fully human when it does not have this most important element integrated into its constitution.  This descent does not happen immediately after conception as the union of sperm and egg has still to undergo cytosis or cell division and would take several days to a few weeks to complete.  At most, the soc will hover around the mother until a congenial environment for its descent is fulfilled.

A woman who was raped or was forced into this union against her will can, and must still be guaranteed the freedom of choice to decide on this matter that pertains to her own well-being.  As to the argument that it is God’s will, I am tempted not to dignify this with an answer as it is evident that such a deity who would allow such conditions to arise has no say in what is appropriate and not appropriate.  Otherwise, that deluded deity would be the epitome of abuse and evil and is not even worthy of respect, let alone of worship.

A stream of consciousness or a soul may choose to descend into a mother’s womb starting from a few days and even up to the final stages of conception.  If there is no stream of consciousness by then, the child will be delivered stillborn.  During the 9-month period that it had no mindstream, it is kept “alive” by the mother’s own nourishment and not by anything else.

In the final analysis, it is the mother and her intuitive or instinctive mind who can determine if a being is already in the womb or not, not the priests who have no practical experience of conception, not the Pope no matter how seemingly or actually holy he may be, not God, who does not, by virtue of his own inadequacies, could possibly determine it.  These personages may sometimes, though rarely, condition it but they can never determine anything pertaining this event due to these same limitations.  They must accept with humility that they cannot determine  the destiny of others as they themselves cannot determine their own for as long as they are not enlightened.


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